Fresh and Cool Air Creates Positive Vibes!

Who is it for?

As a pioneer in the air-cooling industry, Recall develops breakthrough technologies to combat climate change. It is providing solutions for affordable cooling and comfortable environments for maximum efficiency, productivity and wellbeing.

Benefits & Features

Runs on operating cost of a fan and works on inverter too.

Multistage air purification

Recall air coolers come with i-Pure, a multistage filtration system that cleans a spectrum of pollutants.

What is Hammertone Coating?

Seperate tank before applying powder coating because the rusting starts from the tank as our main purpose is to serve the best quality product.

Gifting Made Cooler

So the next time you’re thinking of gifting your

employees the usual corporate hampers, think air cooler.

Think Recall.

The Alternative of Air Conditioner